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Raid of Lutselk’e cultural camp a “sickening” example of Northwest Territories racism

Calls for apology and accountability are met with deafening silence by the Government of the Northwest Territories By Chief James Marlowe, Lutselk’e Dene First Nation  Lutselk’e Dene First Nation is a community in the...


Cease and Desist letter demands cancelation of Ontario’s non-native moose and deer hunt

A letter has been sent by the “14922000 CANADA ASSOCIATION” demanding that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry “cease and desist” from issuing any “hunting tags or licences for deer or moose in Ontario due to the consequences of climate change in this region at this time.” The letter cites the needs for Indigenous people to rely on moose and deer for food subsistence or sustenance at a moment when wildfires caused by climate change have caused unprecedented damage to wildlife habitat.