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Cease and Desist letter demands cancelation of Ontario’s non-native moose and deer hunt

A letter has been sent by the “14922000 CANADA ASSOCIATION” demanding that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry “cease and desist” from issuing any “hunting tags or licences for deer or moose in Ontario due to the consequences of climate change in this region at this time.” The letter cites the needs for Indigenous people to rely on moose and deer for food subsistence or sustenance at a moment when wildfires caused by climate change have caused unprecedented damage to wildlife habitat.


The Prophecy of the Serpents

Sitting around the embers of a dying camp fire, Kanenhariyo tells the story of the prophecy of the serpents. This prophecy is common to the Hopi, the Haudenosaunee, and a number of other indigenous communities. It tells of time of catastrophe and crisis, when the people must head for the high ground and prepare for what is to come.

Interview with Sophia of Earth Guardians 0

Interview with Sophia of Earth Guardians

Sophia of Earth Guardians Ottawa-Gatineau talks about her organization and the role it is playing in resisting climate change.


To Wisconsin with Love: Offerings on water, land, and culture

This film is a cautionary story about communities under siege from extractive industry. Using the history of mining and the recent Elk River contamination in West Virginia as a reference, the film looks at...


Hundreds of years later, plants domesticated by ancient civilizations still dominate in the Amazon

By Erik Stokstad | Science |Mar. 2, 2017 , 2:00 PM After Europeans brought smallpox and other highly infectious diseases to the Amazon in the 15th and 16th centuries, millions of native people died and...


This 19th-Century Map Shows that Beaver Dams are Built to Last

By Matt Soniak | Atlas Obscura | January 11, 2016 Lewis Henry Morgan did not like the way beavers looked. “The animal has a ratlike appearance about the head and neck,” he wrote in 1868, “and...