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Canada’s prisons are the ‘new residential schools’

A months-long investigation reveals that at every step, Canada’s justice system is set against Indigenous people By Nancy Macdonald | Macleans | February 18, 2016 Canada’s crime rate just hit a 45-year low. It’s been dropping...


150th anniversary lays bare anger of indigenous Canadians not invited to first party

By JIM COYLE | Toronto Star | Sat., April 1, 2017 When there’s trouble in a family, it’s usually on the ritual occasions — weddings, birthdays, funerals — that the rift is most visible, the screaming...


Dr. Bruce Clark on unconstitutionality of Canada’s treatment of Native Canadians

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) interviewed Dr. Bruce Clark, the lawyer and jurisprudential scholar who describes what ails the Canadian justice system when it comes to dealing with Aboriginal sovereignty issues. Bruce Clark...


Private profit, Crown corporations, and the public debt

By Craig Blacksmith The following is an analysis of the very strange arrangements the Manitoba Hydro Crown Corporation has in Canada, and of the indebtedness of Crown Corporations in general. First, let’s examine the legal...


Complete List of Dispensary Raids Since Trudeau Took Power

Reprinted from Dankr, along with help from Freddie Pritchard, have assembled as complete a list as possible of the dispensaries that have been raided by police across Canada since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime...

Gary Wassaykeesic – Jan 17, 2017 Update on ‘Telling our Stories’ 0

Gary Wassaykeesic – Jan 17, 2017 Update on ‘Telling our Stories’

Gary Wassaykeesic gives an update as to where his project of interviewing indigenous survivors of Canadian colonialism is at.


Canada’s Shocking War on Drugs: An Infographic

By the Canadian Centre For Addictions By now you’ve read plenty of our drug fact articles where we talk about how 47,000 Canadians die every year as a result of drug addiction, etc. With the onslaught of...


Gary Wassaykeesic – Telling our stories

TORONTO – Gary Wassaykeesic is a survivor of the Canadian residential school system and a long time activist working for justice for Indigenous people. In this interview he talks about his initiative to document the...


Mohawk Carrie Lester interview from inside OccupyINAC

Real Peoples Media spoke to Carrie Lester, a Mohawk woman from Six Nations who is inside the occupation of the INAC office in Toronto. Carrie has been inside the occupation for the last three...

Getting rid of the Indian Act: A message to #OccupyINAC 0

Getting rid of the Indian Act: A message to #OccupyINAC

As #OccupyINAC prepares to go viral, Kanenhariyo reflects on the crucial political moment we are in, as momentum builds to abolish the Indian Act. What will come after the Indian Act? What does this...