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Interculture Magazine: Western and Mohawk political cultures, a study in contrast 0

Interculture Magazine: Western and Mohawk political cultures, a study in contrast

The Mohawk Nation and its Communities by Robert Vachon Interculture is an an International Journal of Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Research that was established in 1968. This article is a followup to the first examining...


The Black Radical Tradition in Canada

By Norman Richmond | The Afro American Progressive Association (AAPA) was one of the first Black Power organizations in Canada. It was organized by Jose Garcia, Norman (Otis) Richmond and D. T. in...


The biggest potheads aren’t who you’d guess

Reprinted from the New York Post | Feb 7, 2017 NEW YORK – They are the city’s new pot-smoking professionals — ganja-puffing teachers, TV execs and businessmen who go about their daily routines while...


Complete List of Dispensary Raids Since Trudeau Took Power

Reprinted from Dankr, along with help from Freddie Pritchard, have assembled as complete a list as possible of the dispensaries that have been raided by police across Canada since Justin Trudeau was elected Prime...


Archambault: “This pipeline is not going to kill our nation”

In an in-depth interview The Rock Report discusses developments in the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline with Standing Rock Sioux Chairman, David Archambault. Interview published on February 3rd, 2017.  


Warrior Societies and Land Defence

by SAKEJ WARD (MI’KMAW) | Originally published at The Dominion on August 13, 2016. My name is Sakej. I am Mi’kmaw and a Sma’knis, a traditional Indigenous warrior of the Mi’kmaq Nation. I want to...


Tribal Sovereignty and Native Cannabis

By Jason Barker | Weed News, January 19th, 2017 Cannabis on tribal lands has always been a complicated issue. In short, tribes have leeway to legalize cannabis under sovereignty, but sometimes those tribal lands...


Canada’s Shocking War on Drugs: An Infographic

By the Canadian Centre For Addictions By now you’ve read plenty of our drug fact articles where we talk about how 47,000 Canadians die every year as a result of drug addiction, etc. With the onslaught of...


Amelia’s Story

As told by Volker Kromm, Executive Director of the Regional Food Distribution Association. Orginally published at the Ontario Association of Food Banks. There are many corners of our region that I will never see,...


Gary Wassaykeesic at Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto

Reposted from the blog of Michael Toledano with permission. March 30, 2016. Every day Gary Wassaykeesic climbs onto this statue at Toronto Police headquarters, unfurls the Two Row Wampum, Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and Unity flags, and...