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“Not my president, not my congress, not my court, not my government, not my constitution”

“Not my president, not my congress, not my court, not my bible, not my government, not my constitution.” John Kane of Let’s Talk Native gives a no-nonsense analysis of Trump’s first week in office....


Our Man in London: The Scandal of the Donald Trump ‘Golden Showers’ Dossier

By Michael Keefer During the past weeks and months, the US media have been agog over one revelation after another of supposed Kremlin skullduggery in tipping the US presidency—the rightful inheritance, needless to say,...


WGO 34 – Crooked cops, Trudeau’s tears and John A. MacDonald’s last murder case

There have been some new developments with Kanenhariyo court case. As Kanenhariyo fuels up with multiple cups of coffee we get an update, and discuss crooked cops, Justin Trudeau’s tears, and where things went...


Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 3 – Donald Trump and the Immanent Destruction of Humanity

Kelly and Tom talk about Donald Trump, the US elections, and the politics of genocide.