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The Heartbreak of Algonquin Genocide

By Dr. Lynn Gehl, Gii-Zhigaate-Mnidoo-Kwe In the process of building Canada, the British imposed different languages (French and English), religions (Catholic and Protestant), and legal systems (French Civil Law and British Common Law) on the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation and consequently divided us into two entities. While what is Canada today…
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Mohawk Loran Thomson Witnessed Chevron’s Dirty Hand in Ecuador

August 9, 2015 Following the historic Eagle and Condor encounter in Washington, when over 100 Haudenosaunee people came to show their support for the indigenous peoples of the Amazon negatively affected by Chevron, Mohawk Kanasaraken of the Bear Clan, Akwesasne (aka Loran Thompson) visited Ecuador to see Chevron's legacy of…
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Black Liberation

Maroons, Seminoles, and the Real Resistance to Slavery in North America

by Russell Maroon Shoatz Long before the founding of the country, Africans were transported to what later became known as the United States of America. Some came as free individuals and companions of the Europeans from Spain and elsewhere. They were ship guides, sailors, soldiers, explorers, and adventurers. Others, however,…
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Eagle and Condor

Audio and Photos from the Venezuelan Ambassador’s visit

    The Historic Visit of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the Mohawk Longhouse OHSWEKEN – One of the most significant diplomatic events of 2015 in Iroquoian country was the meeting of the Venezuelan Ambassador Wilmer Barrientos with Onkwehon:we clan families organized in the K^onthyokwanhasta movement. History was made on Wednesday April…
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Indigenous knowledge lives within Indigenous languages

By Caroline VanEvery-Lefort @Karenniyo77 Since the inception of residential schools in Canada, Indigenous people have suffered a serious blow to our communities and our ways of life, the most prominent loss being the loss of our languages.  Taiaiake Alfred states in his book, Peace, Power and Righteousness, “Our bodies may…
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