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Ka’nikonriyo Podcast 14 – No DAPL and the situation in Standing Rock

Kelly MacNaughton and Tom Keefer are joined by John Kane, host of Let's Talk Native to discuss the current situation in Standing Rock. Topics discussed include Obama's "wait and see" position, splits within the movement concerning possible pipeline re-routing, and the state of Haudensaunee activity in resisting pipelines and supporting…
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“Indian Fighting” with Terrorism Laws

Time for the to Admit What It’s Doing—“Indian Fighting” with Terrorism Laws By John Kane, Sept 4, 2013 The Contraband Cigarette Trafficking Act (CCTA) and its enhanced amendments through the reauthorization of the USA PATRIOT Act* are supposed to be tools to fight organized crime, violence associated with the illicit…
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Good “Indians”

Let’s be honest. Most people have no idea who Philip Sheridan is – or care. The infamous quote, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” is attributed to him. Whether Sheridan really said it or not is like him – of little consequence. However, the quote is as entrenched…
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Let me first say that I am honored to be a part of the Two Row Times inaugural edition. While I hope this publication maintains a high level of responsibility in its reporting, I hope it doesn’t play this so safe that it loses its purpose. As I make a…
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