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NYS Ignores Senecas and Budgets In Gaming Revenue:  Ignorance, Arrogance or intimidation?

By John Kane | April 29, 2017 First, let’s put the simple facts out there: in all of the legalese, questions of fairness, who is regulating who, what is permitted and what is agreed...


Tom Wassaykeesic on violent attacks on Native people in Thunderbay

Tom Wassaykeesic, a band councillor for Mishkeegogamang Ojibway First Nations speaks with Real People’s Media about a disturbing spike in violent attacks of Indigenous people on the streets of Thunder Bay.

Got Something to Say? with host Rhonda Martin

Each episode of this show is published simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.   By Rhonda Martin I’m very excited to let you know that I’ve recently begun working as the host of the...

Dispensing Freedom – Gary Wassakeesic in the former Cannabis Culture Toronto dispensary and lounge 0

Dispensing Freedom – Gary Wassakeesic in the former Cannabis Culture Toronto dispensary and lounge

Toronto – Gary Wassaykeesic sits in the lobby of The Village Dispensary, formerly Cannabis Culture. The shop, a cannabis dispensary was forced to change its name after Toronto police arrested Marc and Jodie Emery...


Times Up! Money for Nothing Ends for NYS from the Senecas

By John Kane As the sun set on 2016, the world trembled in anticipation of what the Trump era of U.S. national politics would bring. Meanwhile at the New York State level, Governor Andrew...


Kanenhariyo provides an update about his April 4th trial

Kanenhariyo is heading to court on April 4th, 2017 for his trial. He is charged with possession of tobacco in contravention of Canadian laws. In this brief phone interview Kanenhariyo provides an update of...


Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – The Gambling Compact between Seneca Nation and NYS

Money for nothing to NYS from the Senecas comes to an end. Under the terms of the recently renewed Gaming Compact between the Seneca Nation and the State of New York, revenue sharing termed...

Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – Talking History 0

Let’s Talk Native with John Kane – Talking History

Matt Hill and John Kane stroll through some recent history and some old history.


Diyo’s Closet provides formal wear for Native youth

On April 30 from 10-2 PM Diyo’s Closet will be set up to distribute free formal dresses at Dajoh, Six Nations by Gaylord Powless Arena. So please mark your calendars. Nyá:węh to all who...


Elder Vern Harper speaks about his experiences of Alcatraz

TORONTO – On March 21st, 2017 Gary Wassaykeesic continued his ongoing show, “Telling our Stories”. In this episode Gary speaks with Elder Vern Harper in Toronto. They discuss the history and significance of the...