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Why the Robinson Huron Treaty Annuities belong to the People

By Tim Ladouceur The Robinson Huron Treaty was signed in 1850. The Chiefs and Principal Men of the Tribes were responsible for the accepting and signing of the Treaty. The Chiefs alone could not...


Chief Del Riley discusses inherent rights with Peter Owl and Jane Picotte of Sagamok First Nation

On March 29th, 2023, Chief Del Riley had a discussion with members of Sagamok First Nation to talk about their opposition to what appears to be the selling out of their rights by the Indian Act Band Council.


May 19-22, 2023 Indigenous Tattoo Gathering in Tyendinaga

The dates for the 3rd annual Indigenous Tattoo gathering in Tyendinaga are rapidly approaching. Here’s what you need to know about four day gathering taking place at the Legacy 420 event site at 756 York Rd, Shannonville, ON from May 19-22, 2023.


A Mohawk in Peru #3: Thoughts on leaving Peru

Today, with sadness, I leave Peru to head back to other parts of the world. I had planned on staying longer to report on the mass protests, but must leave unexpectedly to assist with...


A Mohawk in Peru: Report #2 on the US/Canadian Coup

There is a saying in Peru, if you’re born poor, you die poor. This saying applies to the rural Indigenous Peruvians where hopelessness abounds and equality of opportunity is nonexistent. You work to survive...


Zoom Meeting with Chief Riley and Stacy Amikwabi: Cannabis, the Rowan Proclamation, and the rights of Band Councils

On November 24th, 2022 join 420 North, Flint and Flower, and media sponsors Dispensing Freedom and Real People’s Media to discuss attempts by Indian Act Band Councils to tax and regulate cannabis on Rowan Proclamation lands. 


Laith Marouf and the Right to Offend Colonizers and Collaborators: A Panel Discussion

TYENDINAGA MOHAWK TERRITORY – On Friday, September 16th, Real People’s Media held a panel discussion with award-winning journalist, broadcasting policy expert, and Palestinian activist Laith Marouf. The panel consisted of Jooneed Khan, a legendary...

A Sovereign Path Forward

Band councils, lands reserved for Indians, and to end the Indian act By Chief Del Riley & Tom Keefer with Karen Commandant The PDF version of this document is available for download here. Comments...


Uncle Gene visits the 1701 Iroquois Trading Post

On June 3, 2022, Gene Hill visited the 1701 Iroquois Trading Post on Kingston Rd, in Scarborough Ontario. The 1701 Iroquois Trading Post is a sovereign Indigenous store retailing cannabis, tobacco, fish and other Indigenous products.


2022 Indigenous Tattoo Gathering takes place in Tyendinaga this weekend

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory’s 2nd Annual Indigenous Tattoo Gathering is taking place at the Legacy 420 event grounds at 756 York Rd starting Friday May 20th and going until Monday May 23. The event is...